Monday, January 30, 2012

The First Page - An Introduction

The kitchen, before..

                                                                        The master bath, before...

Renovating your home, be it an apartment or house, can be a grueling experience with both having their own specific challenges - even outside of the contractors - which most people may think is the only real issue to deal with.

In this BLOG I will explain the challenges I faced in renovating my apartment and share what I believe could be valuable advice - based on hindsight.

Renovations are not new to me and I really thought I had this would have this renovation down. Boy was I in for a surprise.

If you follow this BLOG it will take you through a series of steps I followed that I hope will assist you in your own renovation. In addition to the steps, you will see a few BLOGS titled “A Frustration” - these are entries that may seem off track but describe a frustrating experience and how I handled the situation.

The BLOG will have an end, and when have complete the process I will share the before and after pictures with you.

I hope you enjoy the BLOG and find the information helpful.

Happy reading!