Monday, April 9, 2012

Closely Monitor Renovation Progress

By the time I completed the "5 Steps" in working towards my renovation, I was ready to go. As I mentioned, part of your contract should have detailed the time frame to complete the projects. When you start, I suggest that you schedule a weekly meeting with your contractors to discuss the following:

·      What work will be completed that week?

·      Were there any problems from the previous week that caused any delays and is there anything you could do to help?

·      Is there anything that they need from you (you don’t want to be the cause of any delays)?

The more engaged you are in the project, the better the focus and attention you will see from the contractors.

It is great when you start to see the demolition of the old kitchen and bathrooms. It means you are on your way, but please remember it can be a very interesting rollercoaster ride, especially if you have not followed my "5 Step" suggestions.

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