Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Renovation in Motion

Now that you have made all your difficult decisions, completed your plans, chosen your materials and hired your contractor, you can just sit back and relax, Fat Chance!

My experience tells me, that with all the planning in the world you will hit many bumps and have navy aesthetic choices to make along the way that will require you to make decision after decision. It is important that you are readily available to discuss the issues with your contractor(s) because any delay on your part will slow down the project, and it will be on you.

Some of the post start-up issues that will come up are aesthetic that you probably would not consider when you started out.

For example:

If you are installing tiles:

Tile layout

What cuts and direction would you like the tiles? This photo shows the layout of tiles that required the proper mixing of light and dark.

Wall Height(master)

What is the exact height that you would like the tiles to come up on a bathroom wall? Notice the photo to the right has the tiles coming up 50 inches.

What color grout would you like?

If you are painting:

What color do you want for the walls?

What color for the doors and trim?

Should you use a flat, eggshell or semi gloss?

The list goes on. I promise there will be no shortage of decisions that will have to be made on a daily basis. If your contractor(s) are not asking you questions, be very concerned. They may be taking liberties and making aesthetic decisions on your behalf. In my experience when this happens and you have not been paying attention, they may not want to make a change or will convince you that “their” way is best.

If you can, make sure that you go over the details of what is being done each day. If you see something you do not like, bring it to the contractor’s attention immediately. Let them know that you are on the ball and paying attention to the details. This will serve you and your contractor well in the long run.

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